Samsung i9100G 4.1.2 Firmware Free Download

Samsung i9100G 4.1.2 Firmware Free Download 


1. Extract the firmware
2. Open the included Odin
3. Put your device in Recovery MODE (Home + Volume up + Power)
4. Wipe Data/Factory reset/Cache
5. Click PDA and select *.tar.md5

Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean features the XXLSR Firmware and it brings numerous new things that you can install on your device. It is the first Jelly Bean build that has reached the I9100G phone and it brings all the functions that you are normally finding on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 models. In order to be sure that you correctly flash this update, use the guidelines below and learn how to set up your smartphone for the manual installation of Android 4.1.2:
  • Use this tutorial only with the Samsung Galaxy S2 that has the model number I9100G. DO NOT USE THIS GUIDE WITH THE I9100 SGS2 (for that guide you can click here).
  • This tutorial will revoke root for devices that are rooted. The warranty will be restored, too. NOTE: The data from your device’s system partition might be deleted in the process.
  • Use a computer with Windows OS.
  • Make sure that your PC has the Samsung USB Drivers installed. If you don’t know then you can download and install the drivers using these links: Samsung USB drivers for Windows 32-bit (x86) OS Samsung USB drivers for Samsung 64-bit (x64) OS.
  • Open the Settings menu of your devices, scroll down and then go to Developer Option and enable the USB Debugging option.
  • Sync your saved Contacts with your Gmail account.
  • Disable all the antivirus software that is running on your computer. It will prevent any application from interfering with the updating process.
  • Charge the phone’s battery before you get to the tutorial guide. Make sure that the power level is over 50%, so that the phone won’t power off while you’re flashing the Android 4.1.2 update files.
  • Read the entire post and make sure that you don’t skip any of the steps listed below.
  • This is a guide for advanced Android users. You should not held us responsible in case you brick the phone or you lose any data files in the process.
  • If you cannot complete the installation, then you should ask for our help in comments.
All the guidelines above should be enough and your device is now prepared for the updating process.

How to install Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update on Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100G:

  1. Download the XXLSR firmware update from HERE or HERE.  Save the zip file on your PC.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip and save them in a single folder. NOTE: the file will have a .tar.md5 or .tar file extensions. Do not extract any further than that.
  3. Download ODIN 3.04 from HERE. Save the zip on PC. Extract its contents in a single folder, you can choose to save them in the same folder created at step 2.
  4. Power off your smartphone completely by removing its battery. Re-insert the battery after 5 seconds.
  5. Next, press and hold Volume Down, Home and Power buttons. It will load a warning message and you should press Volume UP to launch Android Download Mode,
  6. Go to Odin folder and launch the ODIN executable.
  7. Now you can connect your smartphone to your computer via USB cable. NOTE: Odin should say ‘Added!!’, which means that the drivers are installed and you can get to the next step. If that confirmation alert doesn’t appear in Odin, then you will to change the USB port or re-install the Samsung USB Drivers on your PC, and then start all over from step 4.
  8. In ODIN, click the PDA button.
  9. Browse your PC for the ‘I9100GXXLSR_I9100GXXLSP_I9100GXEFLSR_HOME.tar.md5’ file. It is the files extracted at step 2. Load it into Odin. NOTE: don’t change any default Odin settings and make sure that the ‘Re-Partition’ option is disabled.
  10. Press the START button in ODIN in order to launch the updating process. Wait until the install is complete.
  11. When Odin completes the Android 4.1.2 update you will see the ‘PASS’ message within the application. The phone will reboot automatically.
  12. Unplug the USB cable when the Samsung logo animation appears.
  13. Enter your Google Account when the welcome screen of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean appears.
  14. Test the new XXLSR firmware and that should be all, you’ve managed to successfully update your smartphone with its latest Android OS.
NOTE: In case ODIN doesn’t complete the update or the FAIL alert appears, then you will need to close the application, unplug the phone from PC and remove the it’s battery. Re-insert the battery after 5 seconds and then you will have to repeat the entire tutorial starting with step 5. The second time you should be able to flash the firmware update. If you can’t complete the tutorial, then you should leave a detailed comment at the end of this post I’ll try to come up with a solution to your problems.
NOTE2: if ODIN says ‘PASS’ but the phone doesn’t go past the Samsung boot animation logo, then you should unplug the phone from PC and then you will have to wipe all data from the /system partition. Use the instructions below and you’ll complete this process:
  • Power off the device completely.
  • Boot into Recovery mode by pressing Volume Up, Home and Power buttons. Release the buttons when the main recovery screen appears.
  • Select ‘wipe data/ factory reset’ option. Confirm.
  • Return to the main stock Recovery phone when the factory reset is complete.
  • Select ‘reboot system now’.
That’s it, now your phone will boot into normal mode and with the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS successfully installed. Enter your Google Account details and take control over your smartphone once again.

Mirror Files

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Peace P40 SPD6531 Flash File Free Download

Peace P40 SPD6531 Flash File Free Download 

Peace P40 Flash File

Searching USB to Serial Port...
SU2Serial Port: COM54
Connecting to Phone,Wait..
Infor: SPRD3
Initialize boot9...
CPU    type: 6531A
Flash  type: NOR
writing Flash,Please Wait...
Write Completed.

Peace P40 Flash File

Peace P40 Flash File

Download Flash file from Google Drive

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Apple releases iOS 9.1 for iPhone & iPad

Apple releases iOS 9.1 for iPhone & iPad

iOS 9.1 is available through the Software Update of the Settings app. In addition to iOS 9.1, Apple also released 

iPad Latest Firmware :
Below you can find the direct links to the iPad Firmware Files for every released firmware version. 

Please note that if you use Safari you must disable the auto unzip feature. It may be easier to just use Firefox!

9.1.0 (iPad 2 Wi-Fi):iPad2,1_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad 2 GSM):iPad2,2_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad 2 CDMA): iPad2,3_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad 2 New): iPad2,4_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad 3 Wi-Fi): iPad3,1_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad 3 CDMA): iPad3,2_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad 3 GSM): iPad3,3_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad Mini Wi-Fi): iPad2,5_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad Mini GSM): iPad2,6_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad Mini CDMA): iPad2,7_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad 4 Wi-Fi): iPad3,4_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad 4 GSM): iPad3,5_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad 4 GSM_CDMA): iPad3,6_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad Air Wi-Fi): iPad4,1_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad Air Cellular): iPad4,2_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi): iPad4,4_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad Mini 2 Cellular): iPad4,5_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad Air China): iPad4,3_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad Mini 2 China): iPad4,6_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad Mini 3 Wi-Fi): iPad4,7_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad Mini 3 Cellular): iPad4,8_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad Mini 3 China): iPad4,9_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi): iPad5,3_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad Air 2 Cellular): iPad5,4_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi): iPad5,1_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (iPad Mini 4 Cellular): iPad5,2_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (): iPad6,7_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
9.1.0 (): iPad6,8_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw
Apple is out with a new update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch today, the official iOS 9.1 release. For most users, a collection of new emoji characters including a taco, unicorn, and yes, a middle finger is the most notable new feature within the update. Apple has also tweaked its three planetary wallpapers and developer support for Live Photos as well as improvements to the capture experience.

As for those new emoji characters, you can check out our gallery here from during the beta period last month while you’re downloading the new update.
As for the Messages app, you can now toggle contact photos on or off on iPhone 6 and later. Go to Settings > Messages > Show Contact Photos to change this setting, which is on by default.
As expected, Apple’s News app is now available for use in the UK and Australia.

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Symphony W15i 3G Hang Logo and IMEI Solution

Symphony W15i 3G Hang Logo and IMEI Solution

Symphony w15i 3g Tested Flash File 

Use Only This Firmware & Tool 100% Solve Your Problem

Without Password
Produce on text file.

Flash Tool also include rar folder
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Download Pangu 9 iOS 9 – 9.0.2 Jailbreak For iPhone 6s, Plus, 6, 5s, iPad And More

Download Pangu 9 iOS 9 – 9.0.2 Jailbreak For iPhone 6s, Plus, 6, 5s, iPad And More

Supported firmware's include iOS 9.0, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2. Pangu 9 supports jailbreak on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5/5c, iPhone 4s, iPad 4, 3, 2, iPad mini 4, 3, 2, 1, iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2, iPod touch 5 and iPod touch 6.

ios9.0 9.0.2

Pangu 9 jailbreak tool for Windows with iPhone 6s on iOS 9.0.2 connected.
You can download Pangu 9 for Windows from here. [Fast mirror link]

 iOS 9.0 - 9.0.2 Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch


Pangu Releases Jailbreak of iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch!
Pangu has released a jailbreak of iOS 9.0 - 9.0.2 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
We will be posting details instructions on how to jailbreak your device shortly.
You can download the jailbreak from here.

Update: Version 1.0.1
What's New In This Version:
1.Fix a bug that leads to 0A error code.
2.Fix failure of launching on some PC.
3.improve success rate.
4.Ensure the removal of the Pangu app.
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Micromax A74 stock rom Official file

Micromax A74 stock rom Official file

micromax-a74 flash file

How to flash-

step-1 Download your stock Rom on your computer.
step-2 Rename to file ( ).
step-3 Place in to flash file on your sd card.
step-4 Flash it through the recovery mode.
Important note-
Take a backup your personal data before flashing or installing the firmware on your phone.As this helps you to recovery the personal data whenever any thing wrong happen.


Link 1
Link 2
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Symphony z III read bin & nv file for imei repair official file

Symphony z III read bin & nv file for imei repair

z III flash file_mtmart


Waiting for USB Port...
Set MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM Port (COM12)
Please Hold "ON" to connect with the phone...
Connected to Phone.
CPU: MT6592 SW:0000 Ver: CA00
Downloading Boot8 ...
EMMC Size: 0x03A3E00000
Flash Type: EMMC
INT/EXT RAM Size: 0x0+0x0
File Mode: H:\China\Read\Z III MTK6592_1510091709
Read OK.
total: 50 mins3 s
>>File save to:H:MT MART\China\Read\Z III MTK6592_1510091709
How to flash-
  1. download & extract the flash file on your computer.
  2. after extracting u will find find sp tool,driver & firmware flash file also instruction manual.
  3. install the USB drivers ( skips ifs already installed on your computer).
  4. open Sp tools & load the scatter file form your folder (where you extract).
  5. connect your smartphone (your flashing phone) & install usb driver as a boot mode.
  6. click upgrade / download button on Sp tools flashing begin the flashing.
  7. green color will be appear at the end of successful full flash.
Important note-
Take a backup your personal data before flashing or installing the firmware on your phone.As this helps you to recovery the personal data whenever any thing wrong happen.

Symphony Xplorer ZIII: Full Specification
2G NetworkGSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
3.5mm jackYes
3G NetworkYes
Alert typesVibration; MP3 ringtones
Battery PerformanceStand-by: 400 hours
Talk time 4 hours
Battery TypeLi-Ion 2200 mAh battery
Camera FeaturesFlash light, autofocus
Camera Resolution13 Megapixel, Rotatable
ChipsetMTK MT6592
Colors AvailableBlack
Dimensions139.8 x 66.2 x 8.6mm
Display ResolutionHD
Display Size4.7 inches
Display TypeHD Super AMOLED with Gorilla glass
Front CameraHD 720P video
Graphics processing unit (GPU)
GPS FunctionYes
Internal Memory16 GB ROM (User Available 2.32 GB), Internal SD card 10.22 GB
Memory Card SlotSD, up to 32 GB
MessagingSMS (threaded view), MMS, Email
Operating SystemAndroid OS, v4.2.1 (Jelly Bean)
Other Features– ClearMotion™ Technology
– HD Games support
ProcessorOcta-core, 1.7 GHz
RadioFM radio with recording
RAM1 GB (User available 948 MB )
Release DateMarch 2014
SensorsAccelerometer, gyro, proximity, gravity and light
SIM Card TypeDual SIM (Micro SIM)
USBMicroUSB v2.0, USB On-the-go (OTG)
VideoHD 1080p
Web BrowserNo official data
WeightNo official data
Wireless LANWi-Fi 802.11, Wi-Fi Hotspot
 bin File will be added soon

Official File Here to Download 
Link 1 by google drive
Link 2
symphony z III MTK6592 

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Monkey Virus Clean World's First Android By Only Miracle Box

Monkey Virus Clean World's First Android By Only Miracle Box

Monkey Virus

  • Mobile Must USB DEBUG ENABLE
  • Mobile Must Rooted
  • Take Backup
  • Restart Your Mobile Start after few Minutes
  • Still We test Kitkat Version

What is Monkey Virus?

Answer- use Google Uncle
According to Norton, this is a malware that can consume enough space
and drain your battery. Also, automatically install unwanted application 
without permission. As per a website, after extracting using APK Editor 
they noticed one of their code used "session id" it means it has access 
in your internet that's why it can install unnecessary app when you are connected 
to the internet. They don't know their main purpose but one thing is for sure it is 
like the other free apps with ads asking  to install their apps. They thought this 
malware possibly wants to earn money from their ads or maybe trying to access 
your account and information for their own purpose. So, do not ignore this and 
remove this malware as soon as possible.if you need more detail 

Note- After Remove Please

Uninstall malicious app1. To uninstall the malicious app from your Android device, go to the Settings menu, then click on Apps or Application manager 
(this may differ depending on your device)

Screen shoot

2. This will bring up a list of installed apps, including the malicious app. In our case the malicious app is “BaDoink” "Other" however this will most likely be different in your case. If you cannot find the malicious app, we advise you to uninstall all the recently installed apps.

3. Touch the app you’d like to uninstall.This won’t start the app, but will open up the program’s App Info screen, then click on “Uninstall” button:

4. A confirmation dialog should be displayed for the malicious app, click on “OK” to remove the malicious app from your Android phone.

All done Reboot your Android Mobile.

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