How to Dead boot Repair Samsung Galaxy S5 Dead Boot

How to Dead boot Repair
Samsung Galaxy S5 Dead Boot


Note: If yu get error while flasing Bootloader on working mobile that
means yu re on lateset version Bootloader So Need to Create new
firmware version Bootloader. To create Bootloader from new
firmwares Follow this Guide here

* Run Odin flasher.

* Click on PIT button and select: MSM8974PRO_boot_recovery.pit

* Click on BL button and select: BL_G900Fxxxxxxxx_...tar

* Check T Flash option at Odin flasher.

* Insert the microSD card inside a working Galaxy 
S5 SM-G900F mobile phone

* Put the working Galaxy S5 SM-G900F mobile phone
into Download Mode

* Connect the GS5 mobile phone to the computer using
the USB cable.

* When Odin 3 flasher detects the device, Click on Start button

* After Odin 3 do his job, You will get the PIT and Boot loader
files on the micro SD card

* Remove the micro SD card from the working GS5 and 
insert it inside the Dead Galaxy S5 mobile phone.

* Press and Hold the Volume Down key + Home key + Power key.

* If the recovery process completed successfully,
You will get the dead Galaxy S5 device into Download Mode.

* Now you have to flash your device with 
full firmware package Pit, Bootloader, AP, CP, And CSC files.

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